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Become a Hackathon Mentor

Hackathon mentors are crucial for the success of attendees. As a hackathon mentor, you’ll help other developers port their applications to GPUs for the first time, transition to multi-GPU programming, or tune applications to achieve optimal performance.

By signing up for the mentor list, we will reach out to you for each planned event. If you are available to serve as a mentor, we aim to pair you with developer teams based on your specific programming skills and knowledge.

The primary responsibility of the mentors is to help guide teams to accelerating their applications with GPUs. This usually involves some amount of planning before the event with your designated developer team in addition to hands-on development during the hackathon.

Serving as a mentor is a rewarding experience. While helping other developers improve their skills, you will have access to compute cycles on multi-GPU clusters. Additionally, hackathons are great for building your professional network, establishing your voice in the HPC community, and keeping up with the rapidly changing high performance computing environment.

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