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2018 Santa Fe GPU Hackathon

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The 2018 Santa Fe GPU Hackathon will be taking place from October 29 through November 2 at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe, NM. The focus of this hackathon will be on porting and tuning of applications for running on GPU platforms.

We will primarily target GPU programming APIs that permit portability between AMD and Nvidia hardware including OpenMPHIP, and OpenCL as well as Deep Learning libraries under the ROCm MIOpen platform. ROCm offers  access to state-of-the-art Deep Learning libraries that have been ported to HIP and OpenCL to enable platform portability.

The application window will close August 19. Apply today !


Anyone interested in helping guide developers through the GPU Hackthon can sign up on our mentor application. We will provide documentation and assistance to help you mentor your team effectively.


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Joseph Schoonover, joe@fluidnumerics.com

Guy Thorsby, guy@fluidnumerics.com

Bob Robey, brobey@lanl.gov

Richard Anderson, randerson@symmetriccomputing.com

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